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Come and be inspired to live a HEALTHIER

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Yoga Villa Ibiza STA EULARIA

JAW DROPPING accommodation on the beach

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Come and take your mind

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Come & Renew Your Energy On the White Isle…

15th – 22nd October 2016

A Jivamukti Yoga retreat in Ibiza – join us for a week of yoga, delicious nutritionally balanced & organic vegan food and tons of fun in our beautiful private Ibizenco villa on the sea.

“There are many beautiful places around the world, but what makes a retreat so special (in my humble opinion anyway), is the atmosphere and how it makes you feel. Your vibe attracts your tribe as they say. The Retreat My Soul team attracted the best retreat group I have ever had the pleasure to meet! Every single person had something to offer and teach someone else, and not to mention the laughs…oh the laughs! “

Kathy P – Yogi / Yoga Teacher / Phraseologist



Adam Turner (Meditation/Hatha)

At 26 and feeling horribly stressed out with his software sales role Adam decided that enough was enough and he needed to do something about it. He quit his job and booked a ticket around the world in search of more meaning and peace in his life. Along the way he found the Malaysian Buddhist Meditation Centre and was lucky enough to study under the guidance of Sayadaw U Thuzana and Sayadaw U Pandita who is revered as one of the great living masters of Vipassana meditation.

Adam will guide you through regular Vipassana insight meditation sessions throughout the retreat, allowing you to cultivate your inner calm, freeing you to fully immerse yourself into a week of transformative practices on and off your mat.

Adam also teaches Hatha yoga and uses his classes to ground his students by emphasising mindfulness into every element of his practice. With his experience of meditation he often finishes an asana session with some guided meditation where people are taken on a journey of relaxation and left feeling renewed and empowered to take their new found experiences into their every day life.

Andrea Everingham in Pincher Pose

Andrea Everingham
(Senior Jivamukti Teacher)

Andrea has fast become known as one of the earth’s most versatile, energetic, and inspirational teachers – an open minded, dynamic, fearless and raw individual who is devoted to the continuous growth of yoga students. Her style of balancing high energy hands-on fun classes with deep relaxation, infused with yogic teachings, leaves you feeling uplifted, renewed, enlightened and connected.

‘Magic happens when you let go of believed limitations”.

Andrea Everingham has only ever known the world of wellness and this is what she oozes in is an inspiring international Jivamukti yoga instructor, the founder of One Yoga in Chorlton in Manchester. Certified 500hr Senior Yoga Teacher with International Yoga Alliance accreditation. She trained in California with Integrative Yoga Therapy (completed 800hrs) and trained in New York with Jivamukti founders Sharon Gannon & David Life (completed 300hrs)

Danial Turner in Pincher Pose

Daniel Turner (Hatha/Chi Gong)

When Daniel turned 30, he felt his body had to be revitalized with something new as he had many accidents doing extreme sports ripping muscles and ligaments – “I could feel parts of my body shutting down due to two things; stress and sleep! Every morning I woke up and my left leg was completely dead! I had to wake my foot up slowly as it was so sensitive, my back was so stiff from driving, I just didn’t feel stress free like I used to.” That is when Daniel started yoga. After two weeks of doing it every day he felt like a new person. He decided there and then that he wanted to delve deeper into the life of yoga and study this ancient discipline – “I booked myself a one way ticket to India and have been teaching ever since.”

Daniel will be on hand to assist in practice and will also offer some daily Hatha yoga and Chi Gong sessions to extend your practice. Daniel is currently teaching at the Life Balance Studio in Formby before he heads back to Ibiza for the summer where he lives, works and teaches also.

“The emphasis for this retreat is to have FUN. This aside, you will go away with a MUCH IMPROVED YOGA PRACTICE, a CALMER INNER SELF and BEAUTIFUL MEMORIES to treasure from the white isle of Ibiza.”